Inspection Services

For installers and contractors

We specialise in the provision of inspection and auditing services to organisations that have operatives distributed over large geographic areas.

Installers can trust the experience of RISA assessors. All of our assessors have been in their shoes and ‘on the tools’ with over 400 years combined as fabricators, installers, surveyors and installations managers. When they do spot any issues, they can help operatives to understand and learn from them.

Our field-based team of assessors is equipped with bespoke inspection and reporting tools and supported by an experienced administration team based in our London offices.

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For property owners

RISA assessors can provide on-demand assessments for property owners who wish to have a window or door installation on their property inspected.

  • Have a window or door installation independently assessed
  • On demand service for property owners
  • Full assessment report

An experienced assessor will come to inspect your installation on a day and time of your choosing. A report will be produced and sent to the homeowner reporting back on our findings within * weeks.

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