Pulse Testing

An alternative to the mandatory installation of trickle vents.

Why Now?


The updated Building Regulations came into effect on 15th June 2022. Those changes meant that the addition of trickle vents to replacement windows and doors are required in the majority of cases.

However, if you are not making the air infiltration any worse, i.e. more air tight, then you don’t need those extra vents. This must be proven though in order for the installation to comply with Building Regulations.

What is Pulse Testing?


Pulse testing provides proof that your property has not been made more air tight by the installation of replacement windows or doors. A test is completed before the removal of the existing windows and after the installation has been completed.

What Does This Mean For Trickle Vents?


Trickle Vents will still be installed in a lot of windows and doors, this simply provides homeowners with an alternative.

Our tests have found that where windows are replaced like for like, i.e. PVC for PVC,  the thermal efficiency is much improved. However the air tightness often remains the same, technology has not needed to improve in the same way as thermal performance. When this is evidenced extra background ventilation is not required.


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