Section 75

What Is Section 75?

Section 75 is a UK consumer protection law which means your credit provider has the same responsibility as the company you’ve bought something from should anything go wrong with the purchase.

That’s Nice Of Them..!

Not really. It’s actually a legal requirement of your lender so that a consumer is never in a position of having to pay off debt on a product they didn’t receive or the final product wasn’t as it should have been. This applies to all purchases made with a credit card or via a loan. As an example, an extension to a house, a washing machine, a laptop or anything between £100 and £30,000. If it’s bought with credit, the lender is as responsible as the supplier.

When Does It Concern Me?

If you order a product from a supplier who then goes bust you can still claim your money back from the credit provider. The vast majority of claims on Section 75 relate to credit cards but it also applies to store cards, loans, store credit and some car finance agreements.

How Do I Make A Section 75 Claim?

To make a Section 75 claim you’ll need to contact your credit provider. So if you bought the product on a credit card it will be the credit card company rather than Visa or Mastercard. Likewise, if you paid for replacement windows and doors with a loan then your claim would be with the finance company.

Where Do RISA Come In? 

RISA carry out assessments of Section 75 claims when it come to the replacement of windows and doors in a domestic setting.

  • RISA’s independence ensures that any Section 75 assessments undertaken are carried out impartially and without any conflict of interest.
  • RISA do not profit in any way from any subsequent remedial work required on the installation being inspected.
  • RISA’s report will contain nonpartisan facts and our recommendations for any actions to be taken.

What Is Included In A RISA Section 75 Assessment?

RISA Assess…

  • The specifics of the complaint
  • The compliance with Building Regulations
  • The quality of the installation
  • The nature of the dispute over specification or contracts – did the customer get what they ordered?


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