Homeowner Q&A

Homeowner Q&A

Homeowner Q&A


A recent survey revealed that just 46% of homeowners are unsure what Section 75 is and that 80% of people have never made a claim against it. Given this piece of legislation has been in place since the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 that’s a surprisingly low number.

Of those people who haven’t made a claim, 40% of them believe they could have been eligible to do so in 2021 with the average amount of the claim being £464! That’s a huge number of people who could have fairly claimed back a large sum of money in the last year that would have made a significant difference given the cost of living increases currently being seen


In a nutshell

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 means if you pay for something on credit over £100 and under £30,000 then the credit provider is equally liable for the money should something go wrong.


When can I make a Section 75 claim 

If you bought something between £100 and £30,000 using credit, or just paid a deposit using a credit card, and something goes wrong with your purchase and the supplier cannot resolve the issue, then your credit provider can be held jointly responsible to issuing you with a refund.


How have RISA helped homeowners in similar situations? 

RISA’s team of nationwide assessors can help homeowners who are looking to make a Section 75 claim against their window or door installation. Our assessors are experts in the field and independent in their approach. Our reports are trusted by consumers and credit providers alike.

Our independence in the process means a RISA Section 75 report should be accepted by both parties as the best way forward and helps greatly in the refund process.

Around 95% of RISA Section 75 reports typically identify a defect in one form or another and the report provides transparency for both parties as to what has gone wrong and how the issue can be rectified.


Are Risa Section 75 reports accepted by credit card companies/lenders? 

Yes. RISA work directly with a number of credit providers directly. Our independence means we have no vested interest in the outcome of the report and as such can be relied upon by both parties to provide an accurate assessment of the installation and should any remedial work be required.


What is the refund process with my Section 75 claim? 

Once a credit provider has accepted your Section 75 claim they are legally bound to deal with it within 56 days. That is whether they agree to your claim or not. A decision must be made within that timeframe.


How do I make a claim? 

The process differs depending on who you’re dealing with. Some providers will ask you to complete a form, others will require a phone call or using their online chat service. Each provider will let you know their preferred way of dealing with the claim. Start on their website and go from there.


What could I potentially save? 

The average cost of a claim to cover the cost of building works that didn’t meet requirements and could be re-claimed under Section 75 is £2,623.20. RISA provides both homeowners and credit providers with clarity on any issues with your window and door installation, with expert independent advice from our team of assessors.


How do I book in a RISA section 75 report? 

Should you wish to book a Section 75 report from the RISA team please do so here. 


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