Section 75 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Section 75 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Section 75 - Frequently Asked Questions 


If you’ve had your windows and doors replaced in your home and you bought them using either a credit card or a loan then you could be covered by Section 75. Should anything go wrong with your installation and your installer cannot settle the dispute your credit provider can be held responsible.

RISA can provide an independent written report as to what has gone wrong with your installation that is acceptable to your credit provider and provide clarity on the process and where the fault lies.


What reports does RISA produce for homeowners on Windows & Doors?

Section 75 covers any amount between £100 and £30,000. So if your window and door installation fall between these amounts and they were bought using credit then our assessors will be able to assist you in providing the required evidence.


How much does a Section 75 report cost? 

The cost of a report in most cases ranges from £300 to £450 + VAT depending on the size of your property.


How can I make a request to get a section 75 report written by RISA? 

You can complete the enquiry form here on the RISA website. From there, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.


How far in advance do I need to book in the assessment on my window/door installation?

We will typically be able to come and visit your home in 7-10 working days from an enquiry being placed with us.


How soon after RISA's visit can I expect to receive my report? 

You can typically expect your Section 75 report in 3-5 working days after RISA has visited your home.


What should I do after I have received my RISA report ? 

Once you have received your report we recommend reading it fully to understand our findings and recommendations. Should RISA have found defects with the installation then you will need to submit the report to your credit provider and liaise with them directly as to the next steps.

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